Master of the Force


Defense 22, Attack +14, Damage 20
Known Powers: Melee Attack, Triple Attack, Master Tactician Force 5, Force Renewal 1
Lightsaber Block, Lightsaber Deflect, Destroy Droid, Force Heal


Revan was amongst the most powerful of the Jedi of his time, four thousand years before the Battle of Yavin, he took the title of the Revanchist, leading a rogue faction of Jedi in defense of the Republic in the Mandalorian War. The final battle of Malachor V ended with his fall to the dark side, and his reemergence as Darth Revan. As a dark lord of the Sith, he sowed terror and destruction in his war to overthrow the very Republic he had first defended. During this time, Revan performed many experiments into the nature of the dark side, creating the devastating Thought Bomb technique and placing the undetonated energy within a Sith Temple complex on the planet Dathomir.

Eventually, Revan was defeated by the Jedi Bastila Shan, and eventually redeemed himself, defeating his former apprentice Darth Malak. Following the path of the Light Side, Revan meditated to see what shape the future would take, and in his visions he saw a great darkness far in the future. He contemplated how best to defeat this threat, and in the end, he departed his allies and prepared an army that he would take into the future. Within the expanded Black Temple complex, he and his army were frozen in Carbonite, to be released at the time Revan had foreseen the great war that needed his presence.

Over four thousand years later, Nom Anor tracked the location of the Black Temple, intent on using the Thought Bomb. It was the mercenaries who had tracked Nom Anor that believed it was a good idea to begin the thawing process on the Carbonite army within the Black Temple, freeing Revan. Entering the melee, Revan detonated his Thought Bomb, and destroyed the combatants and moved to secure his temple. Outside, he discovered the meditating Raxar Kun, and foreseeing the young force wielders destiny, took him as an apprentice.

Revan’s sudden emergence and immediate disappearance attracted the attention of Thrawn and the Empire of the Hand. Concerned that Revan would be a potential threat, Thrawn spent many resources tracking down the Jedi, including his powerful Cult of Illviii. Revan spent his time creating a massive information network, working to learn everything he could about the new universe into which he had awoken. While Thrawn grew concerned of Revan, Revan grew concerned about the Cult, for he saw in their motives and operations a deadly and familiar hand.

Revan sent Raxar Kun out as his eyes in the universe, and through him, he finally made contact with Thrawn. Believing the mysterious Cult was far more threatening then it seemed, he devised a gambit that would lure out their true intentions at the summit he and Thrawn first met. When Revan appeared before the mercenaries and members of the Empire of the Hand, he declared himself the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Revan, reborn. Attempts to negotiate were immediately cut off as the Droid Shioshi, 3rd of the Cult, attacked Revan immediately. Unsure how to react, the group watched, but just as Revan seemed to gain the upper hand against the strangely faulting Shioshi, one member of the group, Paxis, struck Revan from behind, appearing to kill him. But Revan had planned for this, and used a force technique to fake his death. As he had foreseen, his death was a catalyst, and the Cult immediately began to implement a grand strategy that they had long planned, one which required his death to succeed.

With Thrawn leading his fleet against the Cult home base of Skora, Revan disguised himself as a soldier of the Empire of the Hand, and accompanied the squad of Mercenaries, alongside his apprentice Raxar, to infiltrate the Cult’s main factory and end their ultimate plans. Within the factory, the sinister truth was revealed, the Cult had been hollowing out the planet Skora for thousands of years, building within it a massive and immensely powerful Star Forge station, which when released, would be capable of devouring stars.

At its heart was the insane and long-suffering droid HK-47, who had created the Cult and guided them to achieve the ultimate program he had long ago devised in his mad brain. But a single command had overridden his desire to murder all meatbags, a need to serve Revan. And so, the Cult was created to seek him out and destroy him, a function they could not complete on their own, as his programming would not allow his hand (or the hands of his creations) to harm him. It was up to their machinations, and the reborn Paxis to end Revan’s threat to them, freeing HK-47 from his final programming restraints. Revan revealed himself and fought alongside the group of mercenaries, finally ending the threat of the Cult and destroying his one-time companion HK-47. Although the cost was high, Revan escaped the self-detonating Star Forge and went on to meet with Thrawn on much more agreeable terms.

Since the defeat of the Cult, Revan has continued to train his apprentice Raxar Kun. Revan has also entered into the joint efforts of ODIN, where he serves as one of the triad of leaders guiding the overall operations of the network.


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