Leader of the Empire of the Hand


Tactical Mastery


Garath’raw’nuruodo, known by his core name of Thrawn, was the Leader of the Empire of the Hand, a group dedicated to defending this galaxy against the threats of the Unknown regions of Wild Space and from certain powerful beings within the Outer Rim. As the descendant of the much-vaunted Mitth’raw’nuruodo, best known as the Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn, Garath’raw’nuruodo feels the pressure of living up to his brilliant ancestor.

Thrawn rose quickly in the ranks of the Hand, eventually emerging as the Head of the organization. The greatest asset to the Hand was, for a great deal of time, the Droids of the Cult of Illviii, which had been faithfully and loyally serving the Hand for nearly a thousand years. To Thrawn, the greatest threat to the Outer Rim was initially the being calling himself The Master, and he devoted a great deal of resources to tracking him down.

To that end, Thrawn would assign one of the three, Shioshi, 3rd of the Cult, to track down and destroy The Master. These efforts culminated in The Awakening, when Thrawn would first begin to take an active interest in the mercenaries with whom Shioshi had joined in his mission. These mercenaries, combined with the return of Revan, would become Thrawn’s newest priority.

Thrawn eventually succeeded in his efforts to recruit the mercenaries into the Empire of the Hand, and would utilize them in the elimination of several major threats to the Outer Rim. These successes led Thrawn to open negotiations with Revan to form a partnership, and although the first summit was defined by the disastrous betrayal of the Cult of Illviii, Thrawn would lead his fleet to victory at the Siege of Skora, and the eventual defeat of the Cult of Illviii in its entirety.

While Thrawn currently retains command of the Empire of the Hand, he is one of the Triad leading the newly formed organization of ODIN, the Outer Rim Defense Initiative Network, a combined force made up of the Empire of the Hand and Revans Army, with several additional groups providing support.


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