Noble Squad

The members of Noble Squad were the few survivors holed up in the underground catacombs of Zebitrope IV after the invasion of the Sith and the attack of Darth Evascera. Living as best they could, these survivors turned to young Doctor Lisa Talken as their reluctant leader, but were hopelessly outnumbered and doomed to die until the arrival of several members of the Noble Rose, who had come to claim the bounty on Darth Evascera. They found weapons, armor, and foodstuffs which they supplied to the beleaguered survivors, enabling them to fight back and escape.

After their escape, aboard the Noble Rose these survivors believed they had nowhere else, and following the lead of Lisa Talken, volunteered to stay aboard as a small force of soldiers, calling themselves Noble Squad.

Noble Squad has served in combat at the battle of Misnor where they engaged and destroyed the outer defenses of the Dark Hunters facility, allowing the Hunters of the Noble Rose access into the base with little effort. A small detachment of the squad fought alongside the Hunters again on Thyferra, where the valiant solider designated Noble 3 would give his life.

Unfortunately, all onboard the Noble Rose were killed when Swindle activated the Octavis Personal Assault Armor that had been stored in the ships hold, it launched several missiles into the engines of the ship from within, causing a massive explosion which, followed by the ships impact into the ocean of Sedri, killed all aboard.

Fortunately, there were none aboard the Noble Rose when this occurred, as suspicion of a trap had led them to evacuate the ship after dropping off the Hunters of the Noble Rose. Noble Squad would follow Lieutenant Martell into combat inside Swindle’s secret base where they would free the Hunters and go on to destroy the Octavis Personal Assault Armor and finally kill Swindle once and for all.

Noble Squad

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