ODIN stands for the Outer Rim Defense Initiative Network, it is the name of the organizational alliance of three massively powerful forces dedicated to patrolling the Outer Rim and Wild Space for extraordinary threats to the central systems.

ODIN was formed following the battle of Skora by the three leaders of the participating armies of the conflict. These three form the Triad, the leadership of ODIN, Thrawn as leader of the Empire of the Hand, Revan as leader of his personal army and Captain Zim as the leader of a substantial group of Mandalorians.

The groups purpose reflects the original mission of the Empire of the Hand, with ODIN acting as a kind of evolution of the group. The Empire of the Hand only remains a distinct force from ODIN for the sake of internal separation from Revans Army and the Mandalorians. As such, Thrawn and his soldiers form the backbone of ODIN and maintain most of the operations.

Since his rise to the position of Mandalore, Captain Zim has been actively working with ODIN as well, although unlike the other two groups, the average Mandalorian soldier has no knowledge of ODIN’s existence or purpose.


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